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BEAUTYband® is simple and easy to use!

Wearing the BEAUTYband® for only 15-20 minutes a day will help stimulate your skin’s own natural force of regeneration.

STEP 1: Cleanse your face and neck to remove all traces of natural oil and soil.

STEP 2: Stretch and pull the BEAUTYband® over your head like a headband, anchoring it under your hair at the nape of your neck. With the tabs pointing inward and the name BEAUTYband® centered between your eyebrows, position the band across your forehead just above your brows, with the sides of the band midway across your ears.

STEP 3: While you wear your BEAUTYband® feel free to use any skincare step you want- Mask, Cleansing, Serum or Moisturizer.

Q: How to target lines & wrinkles of your face and neck:

A: Using both hands, slowly pull the top edge of the band upward toward your hairline and out to the sides, making the skin of your face taut.

Q: How to target crow’s feet, wrinkle creases, sags or bags

A: To activate your own skin-rejuvenating ability, use the BEAUTYband® at your problem area, such as crow’s feet, wrinkle creases, sags or bags. Pull the tab closest to that area inward, firmly pressing the tab onto the skin for a few seconds. As you release the tab, it will further tighten the skin up and out to the side, opening and smoothing it.

Q: How to lift and tighten cheeks, chin, jawline and neck.

A. To lift and tighten the skin on your cheeks, chin, jawline and neck: firmly hold the back edge of the BEAUTYband® onto the ears and pull the closest tab inward, pressing it firmly for a few seconds onto the skin at the front of your earlobes. Upon release, the tab will tighten the skin on your cheeks, jawline and neck, gently lifting it up and back toward your ears, smoothing lines, wrinkles, sags and bags.

Q: How to wear the BEAUTYband® backwards

A: Another way to wear the BEAUTYband® is to reverse it, positioning the BEAUTYband® logo at the nape of your neck. Starting with the band stretched across and above your brows, using both hands pull the solid area between the long slits on the band upward, anchoring the band slightly into your hairline. As the band slides upward, the long tabs will automatically lift your facial skin up and out, creating the painless, gentle stretch needed to produce results. To enhance the stretching action, simply pull the tabs down, press onto your skin and release.