Use for just 20-25 min per day


It is recommended to wear your BEAUTYband® once per day for at least 20 and up to 25 minutes for optimum results. It’s not necessary to wear the band longer than 25 minutes per session.

You will begin seeing results after the first few uses. Results will be more dramatic after 30 days.

No, it feels like a gentle pulling/tightening sensation while wearing.

No, it is not recommended to sleep while wearing the BEAUTYband.

You could wear your band while bathing, however it is not recommended to get your face wet while wearing the band since it may slip and not stay in the optimum position; it is also not advised to wear the band during a shower or while swimming for the same reason.

It is not recommended to wear the band while cleansing or washing your face since the band could become wet and slip, and not stay in the correct position.

Please refer to the ‘How To” section and instructional videos on the website, and Instruction Manual included with the product, which fully describe how to wear and position the band.

The BEAUTYband® can be washed with mild soap, rinsed and patted dry after wearing and should be stored in a clean, dry location.

The BEAUTYbrush can be used for both cleansing and massaging. For cleansing, wet face and apply cleanser, push the on/off button, choose the cleaning surface and clean the entire face (except around the delicate eye area) for up to 5 minutes per session; when finished, rinse face, turn off unit, and also rinse brush before storing away. For massaging, apply a cream, serum or similar skin care product to your face, push the on/off button, choose the massage surface, and continue to use the brush to massage your face for up to 5 minutes per session. Using the brush with your skin care products can enhance absorption.

Yes. Do not use serums or similar skin care products that are aha, acid based, exfoliating, or abrasive with the brush. Additionally, do not use any products that include silicone dissolving ingredients.

With two types of cleansing surfaces and up to 8,000 vertical vibrations per minute, the silicone nodules reach deep down into the skin stratum to loosen and purge dirt, grime, and dead skin from pores. The BEAUTYbrush will gently resurface and thoroughly cleanse skin for renewed clarity and a more refined skin surface texture without undue irritation.

Your BEAUTYbrush can be cleaned by rinsing with warm water or a mild cleansing detergent if needed. Then, let the brush dry. Product should be off when cleaning. Do not use alcohol-based, acetone or other harsh chemicals when cleaning. Store brush in a cool, dry place.

Use the fine area for everyday cleansing, skin brightening, and removing dead skin from the upper skin layer. Use the coarse area for deep cleansing and clearing pores of dirt, makeup, and pollution from the lower skin stratum.

We do not recommend using the BEAUTYbrush for longer than 5 minutes. If irritation occurs, use for less time or less often. If irritation continues, discontinue use.

Clean facial skin and remove all makeup. Apply a small amount of moisturizer, serum, or skin care treatment and turn on the BEAUTYbar by rotating the end cap On/Off switch in a counterclockwise direction until feeling the unit vibrate. Massage face and neck with gentle pressure in an upward, outward, or upward and outward direction for several minutes in each facial area. Please refer to the “How To” section and read the Instruction Manual for the most optimum ways to use the BEAUTYbar.

A breakthrough beauty tool, the BEAUTYbar can further enhance the rejuvenating effects of wearing the BEAUTYband. With up to 6,000 micro vibrations per minute, the BEAUTYbar can activate cell metabolism to lift facial contours, minimize lines and wrinkles, boost collagen and elastin production, help relax facial expression lines, and improve under eye bags and crow’s feet. Additionally, the small electro-current of the bar can boost lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.

Use the BEAUTYbar for just 5 minutes a day as a part of the BEAUTYband® System. If irritation occurs, use for less time or less often. If irritation continues, discontinue use.

Start by cleansing face to remove all traces of natural oil, makeup and dirt. Stretch and pull the BEAUTYband® over your head like a headband, anchoring it under the hairline at the nape of your neck. See our “How To” section, refer to the instructional videos, and read the instruction manual to fully understand how to wear the BEAUTYband®. After wearing the BEAUTYband® for 15 to 20 minutes, cleanse skin again with the BEAUTYbrush in order to remove surface and deep pore debris created by stimulation of skin pores from wearing the BEAUTYband; for optimum results, gently apply pressure while moving the brush around facial areas. Using the BEAUTYbrush can further enhance the rejuvenating benefits of the band. The last step in this innovative skin care system is to apply a small amount of your favorite moisturizer, serum, facial oil, or skin treatment and use the BEAUTYbar on facial contours by gently pushing the bar in an upward, outward, or upward and outward direction as described in the “How To” section and in the Instruction Manual included with the BEAUTYbar. Using the BEAUTYbar as the last step in the system will amplify and further enhance the lifting, rejuvenating properties of the BEAUTYband and complete the innovative skin rejuvenating BEAUTYband® System.

Using the BEAUTYband® System can greatly enhance blood circulation, boost collagen production, reduce puffiness, flatten wrinkles, micro-exfoliate skin, and lift up facial contours for a brighter, more luminous and youthful facial skin appearance.

You will begin seeing results after the first few uses. Results will be more dramatic after 30 days.

Yes! Using the BEAUTYband® System can help lift facial contours, refine facial skin surface and bring greater skin clarity for a more luminous and youthful appearance, and can also increase the effectiveness of any cleanser, moisturizer, serum, or any skincare you use based on your specific skin type.

Yes, BEAUTYband went through rigorous testing in medical laboratories and with the FDA. The conclusion of the many tests is as follows: “BEAUTYband is the first device to allow the mechanical stretching of facial skin and, according to molecular studies, an enhanced proliferation of keratinocytes in the epidermis, an increased epidermal and basement membrane thickness, and possibly an increased collagen synthesis. In addition to molecular changes that have a beneficial effect on skin appearance, BEAUTYband enables the delivery of topically applied creams to reach the deeper part of wrinkles. Stretching and smoothing the skin with BEAUTYband also enables the exposure of deep wrinkles and is effective for eliminating topically applied agents from the skin.”